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Minutes, Pictures, and More

Dr. Don Phipps spoke at the August Caldwell Women Rise Meeting. Dr. Phipps is the newly appointed superintendent of Caldwell County Schools. He shared stories from his background, his top priorities for Caldwell County, and answered questions. He first and foremost wanted attendees to know that our school system is great, but there is always room for improvement and we can all be a part of that process.


On Tuesday, May 22, 2018 a panel of African-American women shared with us their experiences of growing up in Caldwell County. They shared their stories and talked with us about what it is like to be both a female and a minority. We are thankful to the panel of Joan Suddreth, Mary Alice Norwood, Jessie Reaves, Helen Hall, and Elaine Setzer-Maxwell. Thanks also to Brian Foster who filmed the panel. Watch below!


Caldwell County held its first Women's March on January 20, 2018 in Hudson. Members of CWR and the DPCC planned the event. Over 120 women and allies march and raised their voices. Click on a picture to increase the size. 

See the Lenoir News Topic article on the event here: pg1 pg2.

womens march9
womens march8
womens march4
womens march7
womens march5
womens march6

Caldwell Women Rise came together for a night of fellowship at 1841 Cafe in downtown Lenoir on November 14th! We all enjoyed a night supporting a local restaurant and catching up with one another before the holiday rush. 

On Thursday, July 27, the twenty-nine attendees at the Caldwell Women Rise meeting enjoyed a program by Chris Aides on the topic of environmentalism. Chris talked about the importance of the environment in general and what steps he has personally taken to help preserve the environment. One step was Chris organized an Earth Day event at the Caldwell County library. His philosophy is that one doesn't have to be an extremist to be an environmentalist. He gave a list of 12 steps he plans to take, including finding an economical way to install solar panels in his home. He challenged the audience to create their own steps to improve/preserve the environment. Chris is an optimist who believes we can save the earth. Thank you to Kim McClure for arranging for Chris to speak.


You can see more about Chris Eides and his ideas here:

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